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Author: drolldiadem
Rating: PG-13 for safety
Pairing: Speckett
Genre: Humour, romance
Disclaimer: I believe it be copyrighted to Disney.
Summary: Logically, Jack knew that visiting a brothel would heighten his chances of contracting all manner of unpleasant and unsightly diseases: even so, he still hadn't expected to catch a cold...
(Or alternately...)
Summary the Second: Jack is infidelable; Cutler sulks.

Notes: Fluff, fluff, fluff... and yet, not really. Set some time in the boys' late teens/early twenties.

(The last time Cutler had brought him to a dinner party, Jack had flirted outrageously and sang a song in which the virtues of bestiality were happily extolled—and that had been whilst he was sober.)