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Mommy's on the Radio

Whoa. Long time, no post, eh?

Here's the FictionPress-related lowdown: I Don't Think We Should Roleplay Anymore is officially complete as of yesterday (although I haven't uploaded the last two chapters onto AFF.Net yet; it needs at least one more sex scene), and to celebrate, I've got a not-exactly-quite-but-yeah-I-guess-in-a-way-it-kinda-is sequel!


Title: Mommy's on the Radio
Author: drolldiadem, alias Kinderwhore
Genre: Family, drama, humour
Rating: Teen
Pairings: None
Disclaimer: 'Tis mine, 'tis mine, 'tis mine! Steal and I will gut you.
Summary: Being the somewhat misleadingly titled tale of a not-quite-fired film critic and her transatlantic baby.
Notes/Warnings: Direct references to prostitution and drugs, with strong language from the outset and implied bisexuality. Also, lots and lots of wholesome family fluff. ;) (That being said, only the prologue's been uploaded, so I just spoiled everything. Ah, well.) Can also be considered an indirect sequel to I Don't Think We Should Roleplay Anymore.