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13 irrelevant points

I've made a promise to myself to update my LJ a lot more often. This may mean that I won't be writing anything worthwhile. We'll see how it goes.

Everything is after the cut.

I Don't Think We Should Roleplay Anymore

Finally, an original story I'm not ashamed of enough to keep locked away on my hard-drive! Genre, rating etc. are after the cut. (The following Americanisms are deliberate.) 

Brain of the Dead

So it's nearly 11pm, and I'm feeling... useless, really. My brain is dead - it's been feeling dead for weeks now. I officially have a dead brain; I'm brain dead, I'm dead of brain, I currently have in my possession a Brain of the Dead...

(See? Brain dead.)

Anyway, just thought I'll let whoever comes on here (if indeed, anybody DOES come on here, which I doubt) know why I've not been writing/updating in aeons.